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Hello crafty friends!

I’m Jen, a guest designer here at Honey Bee Scraps.  I’d like to share a couple of pretty watercolor PL cards I made using sentiments from the “Not Too Shabby” stamp set.  I think these would make lovely greeting cards as well.
I cut some watercolor paper to 3×4.  I drew a heart on a scrap of cardstock and cut it out.  Next I traced my heart three times across my watercolor card base.  Use a pencil so you can erase the lines later.

IMG_0119-1Now for the watercolor fun!  Paint the heart shape with plain water.  Get it pretty wet, this is going to allow the color to move and blend softly.  After the heart has been painted with water, pick up some watercolor paint on your brush and touch it to the water on your paper.  Swirl it around a bit until you are happy with the effect.  Now pick up a different color and add it to the other side of your heart.  I used red, blue and purple colors. IMG_0121-1You can see on the middle heart that I made a tiny mistake, never fear!  After the paint is dry I can use a tiny dab of white acrylic paint to correct my little mistake.  You can see the watercolor paints dry lighter so keep that in mind while you work.  After my hearts were dry I decided to add a band of watercolor with colors fading from blue to purple to pink, corresponding with the hearts above.  I drew my guide lines in pencil, painted my band with water and then added paints, just like we did with the hearts.


After your piece is dry, you can erase the pencil lines.  To complete the card I added a strip of pink polka dot washi tape.  Then I cut a little banner from scrap paper, inked on the edges and stamped the “Live. Laugh. Love.” sentiment from the “Not Too Shabby” stamp set.  Finally, I added pink, purple and blue sequins for a little sparkle.

IMG_9925-1I used the same technique to make the blue/green card.  I made a little heart to trace one the background, watercolored them as above and stamped some tiny hearts from the stamp set.  These I colored in with a glitter pen.  Then I made a little “rinchie” (epoxy sticker) with my sentiment, “I adore you”, also from the “Not Too Shabby” stamp set.  I punched a 1 inch circle, stamped my sentiment, colored in the heart with my glitter pen and covered it with an epoxy dome sticker.  I found two paper scraps in my bin that coordinated with the background colors.  I cut a scalloped border on the silver bit and made a little banner from the polka dot bit.  Layered my embellishments and voila!

I hope you enjoyed this project, I’m looking forward to crafting with you more in the future!


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