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Hello, friends. How are you today? My name is Kathy Racoosin from The Daily Marker, and I am super excited and honored to play along with Honey Bee Stamps for the 12 Designers of Christmas. Today is Day 9. I really enjoy this time of the year and all the inspiration that I find here at the blog.

For my post today I wanted to show you a fun way to combine the Christmas stamp “Blah Humbunny” for a Holiday card or for a non holiday card (without the sentiments).


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In my video today I show you how I masked off the Message in a Bottle with the Blah Humbunny and how using colored pencils can enhance your alcohol markers.

I find it faster and easer to get shaded areas by coloring with markers first and then adding accents with colored pencils.

On the flip side if you are a colored pencil person … starting with markers and laying down that first layer of color you can save yourself some time.

I thought it might be interesting to see what my coloring looked like before I enhanced it with my colored pencils .

Adding a final touch with a twine bow for some dimension added that little extra. Using a super fine tip marker I added eye brows to the lil bunnies to give them more personality. So fun!!
Thank you for your visit today and a big thanks to Honey Bee stamps for letting me play with their awesome stamps especially during the 12 Days. Happy Holidays to you.


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102 responses to “Twelve Designers of Christmas: Day 9 Kathy Racoosin”

  1. corinne h says:

    oh my, that is so funny. love it

  2. Oh my goodness! Blah Humbunny is fantastic! I always say bah humbug, and my husband calls me scrooge haha They are adorable, and you did a fantastic job coloring them!

  3. Hahaha Kathy, this just totally made me giggle! Funny, beautifully coloured, and a fab design altogether! LOVE!

  4. Sue Symens says:

    The pencils really make a huge difference. Awesome card.

  5. Debbie Rumpza says:

    What a hilarious card! I love your coloring as always…. you put so much detail in…

  6. Linda Carson says:

    Your card is so fun! I’m always in awe of your creative talent! Beautifully done!!

  7. Melissa Minelli says:

    What a great card and I love your coloring! Thanks for sharing!

  8. MelissaF says:

    Awesome card design, this Blah Humbunny is so fun and your coloring is amazing! Thanks for the tips on coloring, love the colored pencil details. I don’t usually think of mixing my coloring mediums but why not!? Thanks for another great video, so helpful and encouraging.

  9. Cynthia Cole says:

    Love this card!

  10. I was just entranced watching you colour this adorable (and hilarious!) scene, Kathy … thank you! You have such a great delivery style … and make it all seem very straightforward (though I know it isn’t!) … all the tiny details make so much difference! Anita 🙂

  11. Denise Bryant says:

    Love these cute bunnies and Kathy’s beautiful coloring! Such a fun scene she has created!

  12. Cathey Day says:

    Cute card!

  13. Inky says:

    Awesome😍🤩😍 I love the expressions you gave the bunnies❣️ So happy to have this card as inspiration!!

  14. Mary Holshouser says:

    Love the floppy bunnies.
    The card is fantastic.
    Great job of masking.
    thanks for sharing.

  15. Kelly says:

    That scene is amazing! Such vibrant color and detail.

  16. Anna says:

    Just love the background. shows you don’t always need a Christmas themed stamp or die for a card.
    Annamieke from the land down under

  17. Anna says:

    It never feel Christmasy here in New Zealand. It is hot and sunny. Christmas cards that reflect that hard to design. Any ideas from any one? No snow type stuff makes it very hard. Love this so much. Gives me some ideas

  18. Stacy V says:

    The finishing touches with the pencil crayons really does add that extra depth and definition to your project. Beautiful card!

  19. Sally Keagle says:

    Adorable! What an amazing job of coloring.

  20. Melissa B. says:

    Oh Kathy, what a great card! The added pencil detail really added some WOW (and those eyebrows)!

  21. What a darling Card!!

  22. pai says:

    this is so cute!

  23. F. Andre says:

    Such a beautiful card. Thanks for sharing your tips and techniques on the video.

  24. Sue LD says:

    Adorable. thanks for all the tips on coloring.

  25. Dana W says:

    This is so funny! Took me a second to see it!!

  26. D.Ann C says:

    Oh these rabbits with their expressive eyebrows are WAY too funny!!! I’d’ve never thought to use colored pencils to enhance my Copics… thanks for the inspiration and the smiles!

  27. Hehehe! This is too funny! Love the details and background!

  28. Kinjal says:

    Hi Kathy,
    Amazing card with amazing coloring techniques. I learnt so much about shading. Thank you. And the honeybeestamps bunnies are super cute. Thanks for the brilliant collaboration!

  29. Iris Soscia says:

    Adorable card – love those little bunnies with their sweet little faces.

  30. joyce says:

    love. the bunny

  31. Helen LeBrett says:

    Beautifully colored, and I love the humor!! 🙂

  32. Becca Yahrling says:

    OMG, I love the eyebrows!! lol Soooo cute. And as always, beautifully colored.

  33. Cornelia Fulmore says:

    Very clever and very cute! I’ll watch the video to see how you made the card. I always like learning new techniques.

  34. Taasha Blevins says:

    This card is hilarious. I am always wowed by your coloring.

  35. Adorable and very clever. Love it! Cheers.

  36. Amy Cooley says:

    Great combination of stamp sets…so cute!

  37. Lagene says:

    WOWZERS! This is AWESOME! Thanks Kathy for the video!

  38. irene Grau says:

    This is just too funny! Great job, Kathy!

  39. Dee Earnshaw says:

    This card is so funny – the floppy eared bunnies are delightful:)

  40. Natalie Godfrey says:

    Awesome job on this card. Love the background and the sentiments.

  41. Sue McRae says:

    As usual, Kathy’s coloring is amazing…love how she colored the bunnies!

  42. Lucy E. says:

    Such amazing coloring, as usual!
    Thanks for the tips.
    What a funny card!

  43. Debbie A Smith says:

    Very cute! I think we all have a Santa I can explain moment thru all the hustle and bustle.

  44. Laura Zepeda says:

    Lol that is just too cute!

  45. So cute and sweet. Just lovely. Happy Holidays!

  46. Sheri K says:

    Love Kathy and her coloring and love these adorable bunny’s! Great stamps Honey bee!

  47. Becky Green says:

    I’ve been over to see you, Kathy!!! THANK YOU for telling us about this event on your blog!! 😉 Your bunnies are ADORABLE!!! LOOOVE the one sitting on the ground with a poochy belly!!! LOL BEAUTIFUL coloring, AS ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  48. Marjorie Dumontier says:

    Thanks Kathy for this great card and your valuable recommendations ! margessw@icloud.com

  49. Trina P. says:

    Too cute. Those Blah bunnies always put a smile on my face.

  50. Mary-Anne V says:

    As usual I love seeing Kathy’s colouring!

  51. Christy Q says:

    Wow!! What a difference between the two – the before with just the markers is beautiful, but when you added the colored pencils – WOW!! As always, Kathy, you are superb and so inspiring!!!

  52. Carol H. says:

    Kathy, your card is awesome and such a great design! Love the imagination you used to put these 2 sets together! Such beautiful coloring, as you always do! Loved watching your video and seeing it all come together, especially the bunnies!!!

  53. Marsha Loyer says:

    Humbunny is my new WANT! Your card is fabulous!

  54. Starr Patrick says:

    What a stunning card, you color amazing!

  55. Teresa Doyle says:

    Honestly Kathy, this is so sweet, these bunnies could not be any cuter. I cannot begin to tell you how much you’ve taught me. Thank you.

  56. Joni S says:

    This was really fun, and I learned a lot! Thank you, Kathy!

  57. FD91354 says:

    This is so creative. You ‘ve got me trying to think more outside the box. I really dont know where you came up with this .. Totally adorable.!

  58. Angie Linton says:

    Awesome card and coloring – of course I would expect nothing less from the Queen of Coloring. Thank you for sharing your tips as always!

  59. Janet Ingraham says:

    Pretty darn funny and so well done

  60. Keely Jones says:

    Such a cute card! Thanks for sharing!

  61. Kimberly Kendle says:

    So super cute!

  62. Kari VanNoy says:

    Great coloring, as usual from Kathy! I love these funny bunnies!

  63. Jennifer says:

    So adorable, thanks for sharing!

  64. Awesome card, so much bright colour, all that stamping detail is fantastic, the poor little bunny with the tummy pain makes you feel so sorry for it x

  65. Beautiful coloring Kathy!

  66. Jackie Parkins says:

    That’s too cute! Kathy’s coloring is fabulous, as always!

  67. Anila says:

    That’s a funny and a cute card…

  68. Mary W says:

    This card reminds me of a children’s book that I might buy just for the beautiful pictures. I do love colored pencils and have a first layer of color from markers is an excellent idea! Thanks, Kathy!

  69. Jeanne Beam says:

    What a cute card. Love your colors. Thanks for sharing….

  70. Isabelle says:

    OMG ! I love your card, it’s so adorable ! And the coloring….. just stunning !

  71. So cute. Love the background and the coloring, as always, is gorgeous. Love it.

  72. Lindarub says:

    Love the bunnies and the saying.

  73. Sara says:

    Hehe, the blah humbunnies are so cute!

  74. Susan Pezza says:

    Love the card!! The bunnies are so adorable and I love how you stamped your own background, that’s awesome! The bunnies with the Copic coloring and colored pencils turned out really well, they are just adorable. Thanks for sharing .

  75. Pooja says:

    Hi Kathy !! Your card is so cute and what to say about your colouring skills always outstanding!

  76. Deborah LeMarbre says:

    love the Bunnies….I hope my coloring comes out as good. Beautiful job Kathy

  77. Breina Burgin says:

    Unique and funny

  78. Jane says:

    Love your adorable card Kathy. Thank you for your great inspiration!

  79. Oliev says:

    Such a fun card:-)

  80. Carol Ross says:

    Your card is so clever, Kathy. It made me smile! Who could resist these cute, cute blah hum bunnies!

  81. Hahaha your card makes me laugh out loud 😀 It is super fun and sooooo cute!! <3 And as always, fantastic coloring!

  82. Denise Kasbohm says:

    WOW These are soo sweet and funny!!!

  83. Haejin says:

    Oh, these bunnies are so sweet~ and mischievous~ like my kids, lol!

  84. Isabel Z says:

    Your coloring leaves me speechless; you are an amazing artist.

  85. Elizabeth Pollock says:

    There is nothing cuter than seeing a cranky bunny especially at Christmas! Of course I need to add this set to my stamp collection 😀 Never met a bunny stamp I didn’t like…
    Hugs for now from snowy New Hampshire… brrrrrrrrrrrr

  86. Shaunne says:

    Great ideas on layering your mediums to enhance the character

  87. Julie Booker says:

    Wow! I just love how you coloured this card. Your colouring is just amazing!!! I love how you have enhanced the expressions on the bunny’s faces. Just fantastic! I love the hum bunny stamp set.

  88. Bethany Gates says:

    Blah bunny is the best!!@

  89. Nan says:

    This card is just too stinkin’ cute! Beautiful coloring and great inspiration. Thanks.

  90. Amanda says:

    That “Dear Santa I can explain” in the background is fantastic! Love it!

  91. Mel H says:

    These little bunnies are adorable. I love how they are colored.

  92. Kristine Johnson Gifford says:

    What a fun and unique card. Your coloring is amazing and inspirational! Thanks!

  93. kathy dumpert says:

    I purchased this blah bunny stamp set and love to see how others use it. Great coloring!

  94. renee milner says:

    Such an adorable stamp and your beautifully colored card is a lot of fun!

  95. dana says:

    love the background

  96. Beatrice Cristina Lawson says:

    The background is awesome, truly the star of the show. I love it!

  97. Donna says:

    The sentiment is fun and funny. Super job! Thanks!

  98. Christine says:

    Nice to have a non-serious holiday card. Amazing coloring. Love the background sentiments. Fun card.

  99. Stacey L Palmer says:

    This is so adorable. I LOVE the background stamping. Makes me smile.

  100. Arianna Barbara says:

    Awww!!! Too cute!!!

  101. Kathy I love everything you do, adorbs, love the faces on the bunnies, adorbs.