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Hello Crafters!

It’s Kelly Latevola here and I’m just over the moon to be one of Honey Bee’s 12 Designers of Christmas!

December 1 – 11 we will give away a $25 Gift Certificate to one person who comments on that day’s blog post
December 12th we will give away a $100 Gift Certificate to one lucky commenter, so be sure to leave comments daily!

When I went into the store to find what products I wanted to use I couldn’t leave! It’s like an online Target or something.

Of the many, many, many, things I purchased I completely fell in love with the Adore Him stamp.

So perfect! Perfect for what you say?

Card sets!!


I absolutely love creating a simple design to mass produce at Christmas time. Who doesn’t right?

Here is a link to the video.

We’re all crazy busy with life and the Holidays. Sheesh, while I’m typing this I’m simultaneously answering emails, supervising my son making a card, and drinking coffee. That last one because Coffee is life.


I used simple ink blending, some flicks of water combined with some shine, and a glittery die cut frame. Easy peasy.



I started with a Distress Ink background. This particular card uses only one color. By varying your pressure and the amount of ink you add you can create a beautiful gradient with only one color. Who says you need to own them all?



Actually, I do own them all but it’s because I suffer from Full Set Syndrome. It’s a real thing. I bet a bunch of you have it too. For the green card I paired three different greens to create a monochromatic card. I covered the entire card base this time though eventually I trimmed it down and mounted it on a white card base.



You can also do the monochromatic look faded out to white, which honestly is my favorite. Also, probably because it’s blue. By this time you might be noticing all that beautiful shimmer in the background. That’s Perfect Pearls hard at work folks.



I used the Perfect Pearls color. Yes it’s the actual name. Perfect Pearls, color Perfect Pearls. I don’t name them guys. I just love them 😊 Anyway, the Prefect Pearls color is on the blue and red. I used gold on the green and a combination of the two on the purple card. Speaking of the purple card….


The last way I used the distress inks was to change from one color to another. I went from purple to pink on this one and I love it.

What is your favorite way to mass produce Christmas cards? Do you have time to make your own?

Thank you guys so much for joining me and to Honey Bee for having me!



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152 responses to “Twelve Designers of Christmas: Day 5 Kelly Latevola”

  1. Mary Holshouser says:

    Fantastic cards.
    We have a lot in common 🙂
    Blue is my favorite color and I
    have full-set syndrome. If
    you don’t have all of the set,
    you are missing the one color
    you want to use – so to be
    safe, get them all.
    Love the cards. The colors
    are wonderful. thanks
    for the tips on getting the

  2. Myrna says:

    Very pretty and love the simplicity

  3. corinne h says:

    nice card

  4. D.Ann C says:

    Perfect Pears and glitter… what’s not to like?!! : )

  5. F. Andre says:

    Simple and elegant. These would make a perfect gift set for a friend or teacher. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Debbie A Smith says:

    I have really struggled to like the stamp but I really like what you have done with it. Yes simple but quiet beautiful. Purple is my favorite one.

  7. Diane Stricker says:

    Pretty cards.

  8. Laura Zepeda says:

    I love these the blended colors are amazing!

  9. I love these backgrounds! They seem pretty easy, but still gorgeous! Pinned for inspiration 🙂

  10. Stacy V says:

    Love your go-to Perfect Pearls effect on your cards. The monochromatic makes life so much easier and the impact is there 😀

  11. Inky says:

    I love perfect pearls also💗❣️❣️ Such beautiful backgrounds❣️

  12. Jen shears says:

    These are amazing! I love the perfect pearl addition- it looks like you spattered with them- I’ve never done that and now I must try it!

  13. Susan Houp says:

    What a beautiful looking card(s) and I love that stamp.

  14. Tonya Kennedy says:

    Beautiful cards! I like all the colors you chose for the backgrounds. Simple and clean is the way to go.
    Thanks for sharing your card creations!

  15. Paula says:

    Beautiful cards. Your videos are always great, Kelly! I am mass producing cards and will hopefully have them sent before Valentine’s Day!! 😂

  16. Linda says:

    Simple but with great impact.

  17. diane bolton says:

    These are fantastic and sooo right for mass producing!

  18. Cheryl Cullen says:

    This is such a beautiful set of cards!! Would make an awesome gift also!! I really love the sentiment and the font used…perfect for this set of cards!!

  19. Debbie Bassett says:

    They cards are so very pretty, lots of glitter/sparkle and easy too! What a win/win situation!

  20. Debbie Bassett says:

    Talking about not being able to talk, which I can’t do either but obviously I can’t type either~These**

  21. Great cards Kelly, although I didn’t immediately recognise these as yours! 😉 I did, however, recognise your style in the body of this post 😉
    I try to make my own cards but am always too short of some, and end up buying for those who don’t really care and toss cards out anyways 😉

  22. Stacey L Palmer says:

    Love, love, love!

  23. Karen Ballard says:

    These cards are beautiful, Kelly, and oh yes I love this stamp because I love this song! Thank you for sharing.

  24. Mary Senn says:

    Love to watch Kelly make cards! And I love this stamp and how easy & elegant the cards turn out!
    Mary Senn

  25. Penny Walker says:

    Always love Kelly’s cards she makes it look so easy. Great stamp choice love it.

  26. Melissa Minelli says:

    Love these! So pretty and easy to make a bunch at a time.

  27. Judy Moerlein says:

    Very pretty set of cards!

  28. Delia says:

    Your cards a so pretty. Thanks for the tutorial.

  29. Teresa Selby says:

    Loved your cards! Simple and right to the point! Great colors also! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week!

  30. Trinity F Knieriem says:

    Kelly….I LOVE how your personality comes through every card you make. I really enjoy watching your videos, most days you do mak me LOL!! Thank you for sharing your time, energy and love of making beautiful cards.

  31. Carla Hundley says:

    Gorgeous colors and
    great designs.
    Carla from Utah

  32. That’s such a fabulous sentiment, Kelly, I can understand how you fell in love with it … and it’s gorgeous against those yummy sponged backgrounds surrounded by the delicious glittery frames! Loved the video (as ever!). Anita 🙂

  33. Laurie Pendleton says:

    Another beautiful design! Sometimes a clean and classic card is the only way to go. Thanks!

  34. Mel H says:

    I want to try to use my distress inks to create a background just like this. And I am a full set addict too.

  35. Mari says:

    These cards are perfect. I’m with you, the saying is amazing for this time of year.

  36. Jeni says:

    Love to watch your videos Kelly! You make it appear less stressful (although it is not!). Love the time consuming look of these easy simple cards!

  37. Roslyn Crawford says:

    Love the colors on the cards,but the sentiment is just what you need to make these cards pop.

  38. Alliesmem says:

    Nice! So quick and easy. I might give this a try

  39. Cindy says:

    Lovely cards. I “adore” this large sentiment.

  40. Amy says:

    These are very elegant and yet simple. Very pretty.

  41. Wendy O'dell says:

    Simple yet BEAUTIFUL, Kelly 💜 I love the colors you chose for the backgrounds and the perfect borders, fabulous💟💟💟

  42. Lori Ritchie says:

    Beautiful CAS cards today Kelly, as usual your backgrounds are amazing and I love watching your videos too!

  43. Becca Yahrling says:

    These are all beautiful cards. Love all the colors you used. And
    it is the perfect card to mass produce. I have never mass produced
    a card (maybe 3 at the most if that even counts!). I tend to make
    mine for each individual.

  44. Cathey Day says:

    I love these cards and I need to get that stamp!

  45. Rebecca J Hackett-Leas says:

    This is the inspiration I needed. Thx Kelly! I started my Christmas cards doing beautiful but complicated coloring. Now I realize I’ve run out of time. These are elegant simple and beautiful. Plus, I can do a bunch of these in a day. Perfect!

  46. FD91354 says:

    ha ha.. they say full set syndrome is a real thing. 🙂 Thankfully I dont have it. I only have a few distress inks. Lovely card ideas. So glad you could to this tag day along with all the other crafty things you’ve been a part of.

  47. Jen says:

    Really beautiful colors and I love the message!

  48. Betsy says:

    Simply beautiful cards . Love your addiction to perfect pearls. They make the cards look great and always love your comments when you use them. Beautiful sentiment from Honey Bee

  49. Sally Keagle says:

    Beautiful cards and I love the message you used for this Christmas season. Wonderful use of colors.

  50. Teresa Doyle says:

    These are fantastic Kelly, I like the large/bold sentiment. So simple but still beautiful.

  51. preeti d. says:

    Gorgeous work 🙂

  52. Susan Pezza says:

    I love the colors, the cards are beautiful! Thanks for sharing

  53. Dana W says:

    Gorgeous colors!! Love your different slatters!!

  54. Linda says:

    Love this stamp as well. It’s always good to find a card that works so well, and it’s even better when it doesn’t take 2 hours to make each one. Love it.

  55. Sue Symens says:

    I have this stamp and love it too. Beautiful cards.

  56. Pam T. says:

    Love love love these cards and I need that stamp. I seriously need a stamp that will let me whip out some quick cards. I am way behind schedule!

  57. Trina P. says:

    Beautiful blending and cards. Love how quick and easy these are.

  58. Kim Sharabba says:

    I love me some Kelly.

  59. Angie Linton says:

    These are simply beautiful. Love the quick and easy idea that really makes a large sentiment stamp pop.

  60. Sue LD says:

    I just bought this stamp–thanks for all the great ideas.

  61. Andrea says:

    You sold me this stamp. Fantastic cards, great instruction.

  62. Thanks for sharing these fabulous creation!

  63. Kari VanNoy says:

    These are beautiful. I love to see Perfect Pearls hard at work. And I LOVE when a sentiment can take center stage on a card front! Just purchased this set last week and I’m loving it!

  64. Nina B says:

    Love how these cards pop with the color! Beautiful and simple. What’s not to love.

  65. Claire Cerami says:

    Great cards from Kelly. Quick and easy and very colorful!

  66. Amanda says:

    The shimmery coral one is gorgeous!! Love the purple one too!

  67. Nesya says:

    Great 5 minute video! Love the cards.

  68. Michelle R says:

    I need to get some of that glitter paper. Making a frame like that would really make a card stand out.

  69. Arianna Barbara says:

    Beautiful cards!!!

  70. These are wonderful cards…as you say…simple enough to mass produce yet striking and beautiful. Cheers.

  71. Helen says:

    Having a design that works so well with monochromatic coloring is always a gift in itself! tfs

  72. Melissa B. says:

    Gorgeous! I love the simple elegance of these cards! Great sentiment, I love the style of it!

  73. Lorie Brunner says:

    I just love Kelly and I think I can do this!!! Beautiful cards!!

  74. Kelly Butler says:

    💖FULL SET SYNDOME, the struggle is real! Im a HUGE HONEY BEE FAN! Keep calm and collect Honey bee stamps/ dies. 😃
    I love these colors and cards Kelly. Honey bee, Kelly video creations and coffee and this Kelly is a happy crafter!

  75. renee milner says:

    These are all so pretty, but I think the blue is my fave because it has a winter/snowy look to it. In my mind I evidently THINK I have time to make card sets because I buy all the supplies, but I’m lucky if I even get to make some tags lately. 🙂

  76. Kati Caprara says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I just love this sentiment and I’m so glad to see more faith-based sentiments!! I also love your color choices. They’re just beautiful!! Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!

  77. Debbie Rumpza says:

    I love these cards… That phrase captures the reason for the season for me!!

  78. Laura Harper says:

    These looked like they were super simple to make, even for a beginner like me, but they are STUNNING! I love them all, but especially the green one! Fantastic!

  79. Julie Booker says:

    Bee-utiful, colourful and simple cards that showcase the sentiment perfectly. Love the cards and love Honey Bee stamps!

  80. These are gorgeous! Love the framing!

  81. Kinjal says:

    Hey Kelly! Wow didn’t know you don’t need all the gradient shades of a single colour! That’s a tip I can use for future projects. Love all the variants of the same card and the wonderful stamp from honeybeestamps!

  82. Karen Gerek says:

    HI Kelly, no surprise that you were asked to guest design. You’re fabulous! LOVED these simple cards. HUGE impact with the glitter framing. I’m pretty new to Honey Bee, but they are SO addictive.

  83. Denise Bryant says:

    Beautiful ombre effect on these lovely cards! Awesome sentiment and added sparkle too!

  84. Barbara says:

    Pretty cards from a nice Christmas song. Thank you for the idea.

  85. Peggy Allen says:

    Great card. Love the sentiment. God bless, Peggy

  86. Lucy E. says:

    What a beautiful set of cards!
    I love the simplicity of the
    sentiment on those gorgeous
    ink blended backgrounds!

  87. Jan Elmore says:

    Terrific sentiment and I really like the font!

  88. Sue McRae says:

    Great inky backgrounds to show off one big and bold sentiment. I like the use of nontraditional colors like purple!

  89. Christy Q says:

    I love this set of cards, Kelly!! Thank you for breaking it down so simply for us. I’m totally adding the Perfect Pearls shimmer to my next Distress background! 🙂 And I’m going to go back into my craft room now to be surrounded by my full set of Distress mini inks… LOL

  90. Mary-Anne V says:

    What a pretty set of cards…love the large font on the sentiment.

  91. Gilda (McStamper) says:

    Love the words and the beautiful cards.

  92. Marlyn Rojas says:

    Lovely cards!

  93. Rebecca Commons says:

    I absolutely LOVE this set of cards! Perfect design for this gorgeous stamp!

  94. Linda says:

    Love the ombré effect using the distress inks and the perfect pearls just tops them off. Beautiful! Thank you Kelly your cards are always beautiful!

  95. MelissaF says:

    Gorgeous cards, love the monochromatic design, and yes I have full set syndrome too.

  96. Dixie says:

    Kelly, this is a terrific set of cards. Thanks for all the tips!

  97. Janet Ingraham says:

    Gorgeous festive card set

  98. Iris Soscia says:

    Great cards – love the colors.

  99. Helen LeBrett says:

    Beautiful cards: I love all the different colors you used!!

  100. Amy Cooley says:

    I love this oversized sentiment that conveys the true meaning of the season. The various colors are beautiful.

  101. Linda Carson says:

    Love these! Such beautiful backgrounds! So creative and so inspirational!

  102. Linda Mc says:

    Perfect pearls + distress inks + lovely sentiment stamp = perfectly lovely cards!

  103. These are so pretty….just remind me of being out in the snow. I love that big bold sentiment! Thanks for sharing during this busy season AND happy holidays!

  104. Roberta S. says:

    Love the backgrounds on these cards. Thank you for sharing

  105. Haejin says:

    Those flicks of perfect pearl and water really make it pop~~ gorgeous!

  106. BarbaraF says:

    Nice Cards. Love the simplicity and the colors. Thank you for the inspiration.

  107. Heather DePasquale says:

    I usually make a mass produced card. I get ideas from other designers and tweak it to make it my own. This year I followed a friend’s advice and made different cards. To make it easier, I followed one theme: stamped the pieces many times and colored them with Copics in my spare time. Then when I had the chance to get to my workshop most everything was ready to go. Still taking longer this year but I’m enjoying it. Thanks for your ideas.

  108. Karen B. says:

    What an absolutely amazing and beautiful card set!

  109. June Moriya says:

    Hello. I’m getting these videos late, i am guessing I’m late to enter the giveaway, but wanted to still leave a comment on this video, anyway.

    This seemed like it was a simple card to make–all except the distress inking, which I have never done before. However, I love that “…adore him” stamp, from Honey Bee. I wish I can get one. And those frame dies, too

    I especially like the blue one, as blue is my favorite color and that shade is fantastic.

    The purplish pink was nice too.

    Thank you for showing that video.

  110. MichelineBorgia says:

    Grate Colors! I love your cards!

  111. lee says:

    Such pretty cards!!

  112. Kelly says:

    “Full Set Syndrome” made me laugh out loud. These are so striking with the layered same colors and then the framing!

  113. pai says:

    Fantastic set! i love the ink blending and design!

  114. Taasha Blevins says:

    I love everything about these cards. The simplicity packs a big punch. The colors are awesome. Thanks for giving us all such great inspiration.

  115. Lagene says:

    GORGEOUS cards! I love how these can be mass produced! Thanks for the video!

  116. Bunny Dobbie says:

    This is such a fabulous looking design for mass producing cards. I might need to attach the blender pad to a belt sander to save my arm but they look like something I could actually do! Thanks for such a great idea.

  117. SabineVDK says:

    I love the colors you chose!! Such nice cards.

  118. irene Grau says:

    I love big, bold, focal sentiments. They make it so easy to make quick and gorgeous cards. Thanks for the inspiration, Kelly!

  119. Dee Earnshaw says:

    awesome set of cards – love how you made them all different:)

  120. So bold and simple and so pretty. Love it. Happy Holidays!

  121. Becky Green says:

    OH YES, Tim get on it!!!! LOL I use the Oxide Inks JUST BECAUSE they are easier to blend. (It hurts otherwise & crafting shouldn’t hurt, right???) lOL But, I LOOOOOVE this larger sentiment, Kelly!!! AND your flecks of perfect pearls!!! GOTTA REMEMBER THAT!!! 😉 SUPER JOB for us!!!!!!!!! 😉

  122. Marjorie Dumontier says:

    That’s such a great set ! Pretty CAS but still very efficient and perfect Christmas! margessw@icloud.com

  123. Keely Jones says:

    Love the colors you used! Thanks for sharing!

  124. Kimberly Kendle says:

    Love the colors! Super simple and amazing!

  125. Carolyn S says:

    Pretty, fast and impactful. What more could you ask for!?

  126. Margery C says:

    Beautiful colors on the cards. Simple but they pack a punch in brightness. Adore them.

  127. Jennifer says:

    Love this Large script Stamp and how you duplicated using different colors

  128. What a stunning, colourful set of Christmas cards, so beautiful, shinny & a great set to make & give as a gift to a non crafting friend x great cards Kelly, & I enjoyed the video as ever x

  129. So beautiful to make an easy card set to give as a gift.

  130. Jackie Parkins says:

    Kelly’s cards are always fabulous and these are no exception, they’re beautiful. She is the one who got me addicted to the Perfect Pearls splatter, I love it.

  131. Anila says:

    Beautiful backgrounds…

  132. Jeanne Beam says:

    Beautiful cards. I love the sentiment. Thanks for sharing..

  133. Isabelle says:

    Awesome cards !

  134. Love the ink blending and the fun frames. So pretty great job.

  135. Lindarub says:

    Love how you did the background and the saying.

  136. Sara says:

    Your colors are so eye-catching and beautiful!

  137. Pooja says:

    Beautiful backgrounds!! Fab Way to use the stamp:)

  138. Deborah LeMarbre says:

    Love the simplicity of this card and the colors. Beautiful

  139. Breina Burgin says:

    Neat cards

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    Great cards!

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    Great set of cards!

  142. Lovely set of cards! The ombre effect is awesome!

  143. Denise Kasbohm says:

    Thank you for sharing your blending techniques. I love the different colors. Beautiful cards.

  144. Elizabeth Pollock says:

    I just love all the different color choices used on these cards! The sparkly outer border gives them just that extra little touch of bling (can we still say bling?), oh well, anyway. Oh and yes, coffee is most definitely life, 😀
    Hugs for now from snowy New Hampshire, brrrrrr…

  145. Bethany Gates says:

    These are beautiful!!

  146. Nan says:

    Simple and beautiful. Hard to achieve the two but we knew you could do it! Love all your videos and very much appreciate your generosity in not just sharing your talent, but teaching us along the way.

  147. Kristine Johnson Gifford says:

    What a beautiful card! I have this stamp and can’t wait to try your technique with it! Thanks for your inspiration and great ideas! (I believe I have “full-set syndrome also!)

  148. kathy dumpert says:

    Love the use of perfect pearls of on beautiful cards!

  149. dana says:

    best time of year for card makers!

  150. Beatrice Cristina Lawson says:

    Blue is my fave too but honestly all the colours are gorgeous and this is a lovely stamp to use for mass producing Christmas cards.

  151. Donna says:

    He is the reason for the season right!? Thanks for sharing those beautiful creations.

  152. Michele W says:

    I’m always looking for cards that are easy to mass produce and these are perfect. A simple but impressive design and I love the gradation you were able to get using just one color of ink. Thanks for sharing!