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Welcome back to Trending Thursday with Tara!

PicMonkey Collage

I am going to jump right in since we kicked this segment off Tuesday already. Today I am going to walk you through how to load an SVG on to your Silhouette Cameo software, it is quick and painless and the benefit is you are open to a whole new bevy of designs. The file I will be using today is extra special because it is a sneak peak of tomorrows Freebie Friday from Honey Bee Scraps, so don’t forget to come back tomorrow to snag it for yourself! (If you missed the freebie – you can purchase this SVG file, here!)

Picture 1. Open your Silhouette Cameo software.

Silhouette SVG-1

Picture 2. In the top tool bar select File, scroll down the list until you find Insert to My Library and click it.

Silhouette SVG-2a

Picture 3. A box for importing the file will open, I have saved my file to my desktop so that is where I have directed Silhouette to look for the file, you will want to select where ever you have saved your SVG download to. Then as indicated in the second arrow you will want to tell the import box to look for .SVG, it will have defaulted to looking for a .sil file.

Silhouette SVG-3a

Picture 4. Once you have located your file select it and then hit OK.

Silhouette SVG-4a

Picture 5. As we did with the Cricut Explore you will want to Name your file and add keywords so it is easier to find in the future. I added Ampersand and Honey Bee Scraps.

Silhouette SVG-5a

Picture 6. Once you have uploaded, named and saved the file you can then find it under My Library, in the folder My Own Designs. Now double click the file you desire to use in this case it is Honey Bee Scraps, Freebie Friday’s Ampersand.

Silhouette SVG-6a

Picture 7. Double clicking the file will automatically open it into your Design Studio, just like a file purchased from the Silhouette Store.

Silhouette SVG-7a

Picture 8. Select the file, find the Scissor Icon to Open the Cut Style Window, and make sure your file is set to Cut. Although this file was defaulted to Cut, I highly recommend this step to ensure any imported SVG is set this way, it will save you time and a headache later when you can’t figure out why everything in your project cut except your imported SVG.

Silhouette SVG-8a

After you have followed all of these steps you are ready to go and use the file as you would any Silhouette Studio file. I have really enjoyed the flexibility of being able to use SVGs by many other artists not featured in the particular stores for the two devices we have covered this week. In a market of growing and budding new artists it is important to be able to explore their works.

Picture 9. As a special treat I have included a picture of a project using the SVG Ampersand by Honey Bee Scraps used for this demo.


Join me next week for another Trending Thursday, until then Keep on Crafting!


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