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Hello everyone!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July and celebrated safely! Today we have a special treat… A patriotic collection of goodies and a tutorial by guest designer Laura Strickland!


“Hi, Laura here!

I would like to share an easy technique that showcases my love of the “vintage book” look (and feel), the age old technique of tea dying. There are many ways to achieve the aged look, but I will share how I like do it.



Supplies and time needed are minimal, first, you will need a dish or pan large enough to soak your paper. Second, choose your paper. There are lots of different types that will work depending on what you utimately want to do with it and how you want it look. Dictionary pages, old book pages, even cheap card stock from Walmart, watercolor paper and acrylic weight paper are what I used here.

1: PREPPING THE DYE – I am not a coffee drinker (I know…boo hiss, lol) but my hubby is, so, we keep a few boxes of the 1 serving size packets (make sure to completely dissolve them in warm water). They are perfect because they are cheap for those who are not coffee lovers and don’t want to buy an entire jar. You can use tea bags also. I will boil and steep 6 or 7 bags to achieve a nice dark look… coffee is faster in my opinion. However, keep in mind you get different colors from each, one is a reddish tone and the other almost yellowish brown as you will see in some of the pictures below. Back to the steps… soak your paper: the longer the soak the deeper the color.

2: DYING YOUR PAPER – Now, there are a couple different approaches to the aging process from this point. You can wrinkle up your paper prior to soaking it, which is neat because it creates lines where the coffee soaks into the cracks or where the paper has “broken down” at the wrinkle. I will warn you the paper becomes more fragile once wrinkled, handle it carefully because it will tear very easily. To make things difficult (lol) I have partially dried paper then very carefully wrinkled it and very carefully unwrinkled it, it looks different doing it this way .

3: EXCESS WATER – Lay your paper on a towel to get rid of some of the excess liquid and you can also blot the top with a paper towel if you want a more even look, i usually don’t blot because I love all the different gradients of color from the coffee solution puddling on the paper.

4: DRYING – Place your paper on a baking sheet…. You don’t have to bake it, you can let it air dry. Letting it air dry naturally will make it not quite as dark, you just have to flip it when it starts to dry so that both sides dry evenly. I prefer to bake it on a low heat, 200 degrees because I love the way it looks afterward and it’s fast…I’m impatient!

5: FLATTEN – The dry wrinkled paper can be placed under heavy books or ran through your Big Shot Machine to flatten, although I used it wrinkly in these projects! I hope that you will give it a try, it is so very simple and smells good too!!”

Thank you Laura for the awesome tutorial! Now, here are some photos of the adorable cards that Laura created using her coffee dyed paper and the “Life Right Now” stamp set.


And another matching card, created using the “Life Right Now” stamp set.



Arent these adorable! I love the little buntings and banners that she created… So patriotic and vintage. You can find the “Not Too Shabby” stamp set in our shop: www.HoneyBeeScraps.com/shop

Thank you for sharing Laura!

Until next time,

<3 Melissa

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  1. Laura says:

    well, i love them 😉