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Hi Crafty Friends!!! We are getting super close! Are you getting excited?? Comment below on your favorite set so far & we will draw a random winner. Winner will be announced on our Instagram account tomorrow morning.

My Tribe 6×8 & My Tribe Honey Cut dies set
Shine On 4×4 & Shine On Honey Cut dies set
Friends Like You 3×4 Sentiment
Small Gang & Small Gang Honey Cut dies set
Nail Polish Bottle Card Honey Cut dies set
HB Angel Policy 4×4 & Angel Policy Honey Cut dies set


Here is a video introducing all of today’s new products!


Now for today’s sneaks!

My Tribe 6×8 & My Tribe Honey Cut dies set

Shine On 4×4 , Shine On Honey Cut dies set & Friends Like You 3×4 Sentiment

Small Gang & Small Gang Honey Cut dies set

For more information on this project, please visit Jo Ann’s blog.

Nail Polish Bottle Card Honey Cut dies set

HB Angel Policy 4×4 & Angel Policy Honey Cut dies set




Thank you for joining us for Day Four!

-The Honey Bee Stamps Team

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60 responses to “Spring Release Sneak Peeks: Day Four”

  1. Kerys says:

    Ok – my daughter would just LOVE all of today’s sneak peeks! The nail polish ones are perfect! I can see this release proving expensive! Lol! X

  2. Laurel Seabrook says:

    Ooohh I need that nail polish!!!

  3. Aimee Phillips says:

    I absolutely love My Tribe Stamp Set/Die Set. Soooo many possibilities!. Simply beautiful.

  4. Lucy E. says:

    What a great release so far!
    I LOVE the Nail Polish Bottle Die set!
    What fun and fabulous cards could
    be made with that set!

    • Lucy E. says:

      Just checking back…was there a winner from this post announced on Instagram? I couldn’t find it. Amazing release-Hope to shop soon!

  5. Marie Bingaman says:

    Oh wow! My favorite is the all of the nail polish themed items. So unique and cute for females of all ages! 😁

  6. Robin Kuppens says:

    My tribe is just simply gorgeous, my daughter’s grandmother is native and loves dreamcatchers so I’ll definitely pick this up to make a special gift for her. Small gang is another favorite along with with the tree branch and fence.

  7. These are all so fun, but that nail polish set with card die is so unique and fun!! I love it! 🙂

  8. Debbie S. says:

    Angel Policy would be the sweetest way to help share all of our handmade creations. I love this set!!!

  9. Amy Cooley says:

    Pinky the Pig is definitely my favorite because it is so darn cute! The Shine On set is a close second because I love the shaker nail polish bottles. Love your products!

  10. karen says:

    I love the “my tribe” set.

  11. Gorgeous!! Love all of this but that My Tribe set.. gotta have it!! Although… I think Small Gang is also necessary! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Jenni Beaver says:

    Nail polish set is my favorite!!! Love the shaker cards with the bottles! Cute for birthday and thank you- which I need a bunch since I’m a teacher!!! Def. will be getting the piggy set for my mama!

  13. Barbara says:

    I just L0VE the Small Gang & Small Gang Honey Cut dies set! It’s really TOO funny!

  14. Ginger says:

    This new release is right up my alley. I really, really like the My Tribe stamp set. I can’t wait for its release. Kudos to you and your team, you are so creative and in tune with whats happening today. Love, love, love.

  15. Trina says:

    The nail polish is fun and fabulous! xx

  16. Sue Bally says:

    Gotta have “Shine On”. Love that nail polish bottle. Can’t wait to get my hands on that! Also love the piggy set, so cute!

  17. Deborah Kaye says:

    This is such a fantastic release! Totally love the My Tribe set! <3

  18. SarahC says:

    Just love the sneak peeks today. I could see myself using every one of these stamps. Just lovely! Thanks for all the motivation.

  19. Lana says:

    Really love them all but My Tribe set is my favorite! Awesome release!

  20. Carla Hundley says:

    Lovely cards and
    I love the My Tribe
    Honey set! But the
    nail polish set is
    Carla from Utah

  21. Michelle says:

    I’m loving everything. But the nail polish set will be super fun for teachers and teenage nieces!

  22. Anushree Vaish says:

    Loved my tribe…actually all are super gorgeous so its kind of difficult to choose one…hugs Honeybee!!

  23. Cindy Gaulke says:

    It’s so hard to pick a favorite! My top 3 are the ladybug set, branch & leaves, & honey hive.

  24. Kari Mano says:

    I just love Honey bee stamps. Pinky the pig & ham it up sentiments are my favorite along with Tree Branch & Leaves Honey Cut dies set
    Bee Hive Honey Cut dies set. So excited for this release.

  25. Anila says:

    Awesome new release…love them all… Nail polish die is amazing
    Hugs Anila.

  26. Karen C. says:

    I can’t chose just one favorite set because I love them all.

  27. Carrie Johnson says:

    My Tribe really “catches” my eye, pun intended.

  28. Leah monroe says:

    Omgosh. How am i to choose!! I love the thanks for being part of my tribe!!!!

  29. vb says:

    Pick just one!…are you kidding? Love the Heaven Sent and My tribe stamps, but a must have is the Angel Policy stamp set. The Nail Polish Bottle die is creative and I really like that 3D bow. Last but not least, the Scallop Sticthed Square and Double Stitched Square Dies are great staples. Another great day of sneak peek cards! Your design team has been inspiring.

  30. Trinity F Knieriem says:

    My granddaughters and I are going to LOVE using ALL of the Stamps and Dies in this Spring release!! The minute I think I have a favorite…There’s another sneak peak and I cannot choose. LOVE this whole release…Can’t wait to make a afternoon trip to come check out the store!! Great Job my fellow Oregonians!! 😉

  31. Kim Maxwell says:

    I can barely stand the wait!!! This is an amazing release!!! There are sooooo many things I want!!! From todays reveal I simply MUST have the Nail Polish Die Sets and stamps! Fabulous products!!!

  32. Mel B says:

    So far Pinky the Pig is my favourite, love all of the extra bits especially her wings!

  33. Connie M says:

    Nail polish! What fun I’ll have for the grand-girls with that one! Some from yesterday too though. My favorite release so far!

  34. Jennifer Guzman says:

    OMG!! I am SO excited about this release! Everything is so CUTE, I’m gonna want it ALL!! But so far my fave is probably the My Tribe stamp set. It’s so BEAUTIFUL!! So hard to choose though. I’m definitely gonna go broke on this release! LOL!! I can’t wait! When can we start buying?

  35. Sarah Biswabic says:

    I love the Nail Polish set the best. They are all really cute though.

  36. Trudie says:

    Can I just I love them all…. can think of cards for all of them. Love the My Tribe. Can’t wait for release.

  37. Sobia says:

    Love the shine on set

  38. Mirella Rogan says:

    This release is just insanely good! So many products I love! My tribe is fantastic, the new bunnies are awesome, and who could say no to the pig?! 🙂

  39. Debbie A Smith says:

    Oh my gosh the nail polish bottle is really cute and fun. But no you had to blow me away with the bottle die cut. WOW! Must have it. It will be so much fun to make cards with both.

  40. Andrea says:

    Really love the new release. Favourites are pinky the pig and spring blooms. My tribe is just gorgeous too. So many fantastic goodies to choose from.

  41. Susan Pezza says:

    I love the My Tribe stamp, so unique!!

  42. Brenda says:

    Love the My Tribe set!!!

  43. Roberta Sadler says:

    I love the nail polish sets so far. Who am I kidding there are a few more I like too.

  44. Bethany says:

    The nail polish card honey is my favorite.

  45. Heidi H says:

    The peeks have been awesome – and it’s super hard to say which set is my favorite. Heaven sent is it, though. Love the sentiments and the adorable sleepy bunny. Nail polish sets are super cute! Also really like the layered fence!!

  46. chark says:

    so so cute! Love the friends sentiment!

  47. Janet Labadie says:

    Being a manicure nut I absolutely love “Shine On!” I can see all kinds of cute cards and tags using this set.

  48. Nina B says:

    Theses are all great sets! The Nail Polish set is too cute, my daughter would love it. But my very favorite is the Tribe set! I have to have that one. So many ideas for it already.

  49. Viv says:

    The nail polish stamp and die set is the one for me. Teens will love those nail polish shaker cards! 💅🏼💛🖤🐝 👍

  50. Arianna Barbara says:

    Wow! What gorgeous creations!!! My fav is the Nail Polish Bottle die set.

  51. Helen LeBrett says:

    I’m not really a nail polish kind of gal, but I love the sayings on the Nail set!! I also love the Tribe set: so many beautiful images!! Hugs, H

  52. Thalia Waldvogel says:

    My favorites are Pinky the Pig and Best Parents.

  53. Becca Yahrling says:

    Awesome cards. Love the nail polish shakers!

  54. Tiffani Pool says:

    Oh my goodness, I am so in love with the nail polish bottle! I have four girls and they would just die if they saw this. They are girlie girls and do their nails daily!

  55. maureen says:

    can’t wait to own the nail polish sets……..oh boy…….thank you

  56. Paper bunnie says:

    OMG this release is amazing! I’m supposed to be saving my money and this is not going to help! 😉

  57. Allison Cope says:

    I just adore the Pinky the Pig stamp set… so “stinkin'” cute! <3

  58. Cardhappyone says:

    Love the sentiment stamp…really small gang…and that pig!!!

  59. renee milner says:

    I am especially liking the adorable nail polish bottles!