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Good Morning! 

Tabitha, here with this Saturday’s stamping ideas!  I wanted to share with you a simple and gorgeous way to use your Honey Bee Scraps stamps on something other than paper!  Today we are making polymer clay jewelry that is fast, easy, fully customizable, and one-of-a-kind — for sweet gifts or fun additions to your own wardrobe!

clay pendant necklace

clay pendant itemsAll you need is a Honey Bee Scraps stamp set (I used “Not Too Shabby” for the wreath stamp, and “No Place Like Home” for the love sentiment), an acrylic block to fit your stamps, a block of polymer clay in a color of your choice (Sculpey or Fimo), a tube of Rub ‘n Buff in Antique Gold, a paper piercer (or unbent paperclip to poke holes), clay or small cookie cutters (optional), and jewelry findings for the finished product of your choice.


clay pendant shapingForm the clay into the shapes you desire for your charms and pendants then stamp the images into the clay.  Press firmly, but take care not to distort the intended shape of your pendant.  Remove the stamp gently from the clay and reshape your piece if necessary, then add eye pins or poke holes into your pendants. Bake in a glass dish according to polymer clay package instructions.


clay pendants GoldAfter your pendants have baked and cooled, add a generous pea sized glob of Rub ‘n Buff to the surface of your pendants taking care to get into the cracks of your stamped images.  With a slightly damp paper towel wipe off excess Rub ‘n Buff , and then use a course/dry paper towel to rub the gold off from everywhere but your stamped design.  This takes a little elbow grease and you shouldn’t allow the Rub ‘n Buff to dry before this step.  Once you get the finish you are happy with, allow to dry, and then assemble your jewelry pieces.



clay pendant5a

Play around with this technique and I think you will be surprised by how easy it actually is, and how varied the results can be with different colors of clay, Rub ‘n Buff , and the different stamps that you use.  Make a sweet jewelry display card and wrap – for a beautiful gift that your recipient will definitely be impressed you created just for her!

Finished Necklace and Earrings

Happy Stamping from Tabitha and the whole design team here at Honey Bee Scraps!  We hope you will have fun creating more than just paper crafts with your gorgeous stamps!

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6 responses to “Saturday’s Sculpey Stamping With Tabitha”

  1. carriebryant says:

    Wow! How cool is this! Thanks for sharing. I love it!!

  2. jumpyjess says:

    This is so awesome! 😮

  3. Leashah says:

    Beautiful jewelry! Such a fun out-of-the-box idea, too.