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Hello Crafty Bees!

My Design Team is starting to get stamping... designing some awesome Project Life cards, greeting cards and other wonderful projects to share with you all! In the meantime, here’s a quick little tutorial for everyone who uses an ATG Tape Gun!

As some of you know, I sell ATG Tape Runner refills in my Etsy shop at Wholesale! The brand of tape refills that I carry is an “off brand” (not made by Scotch). They are still super high-quality, acid free and archival quality – however, some people have said that they “wiggle” in their ATG Gun more than the Scotch brand does. (BUT – they will save you a Ton of money in the long run!!  Scotch brand comes in at around $5 or $6 a roll! Whereas my ATG refills are $1.95!!) So – I would like to share a little tutorial with you on how to completely fix the “ATG Wiggle” (as we’ve dubbed it)  😉  A simple “shim” fixes the problem! So, here goes….








For this project you will need:

  1.  Your ATG Gun (Note: creating a shim is only necessary with the 1/4″ ATG guns, as the 1/2″ ATG guns have a slide-on expander that holds the roll).
  2.  A thick piece of cardstock, or a thin piece of cardboard or chipboard (the base piece of a “paper stack” works perfect!!)
  3.  A pen or pencil to mark with
  4.  A 1″ circle punch (must be exactly 1″)
  5.  A pair of scissors
  6.  An ATG tape refill… or a drinking glass (something to draw a larger circle with).

STEP 1: Take your unopened ATG tape refill (or a glass, etc) and trace it onto the cardstock or chipboard (whatever material you are choosing to create your shim. Keep in mind that you want the material to be sturdy – but not too thick. You only have about 1/16″ of wiggle room in between the refill and the black “catch” that sits on top of the shim).


STEP 2: Cut out around your newly traced circle. You can make it as big or as small as you like – but keep in mind you want it to have enough of a lip that it covers some of the ATG tape refill itself. This is why I chose to trace the refill itself – so I knew it would cover the entire roll. You can also choose to use a sheet of template material to create your shim so you can see through it and tell just how much tape you have left in your gun!

STEP 3: Use your circle punch to punch a hole in the center of your cut-out shape. Keep in mind that different circle punches will only reach to a certain point of the circle. You may choose to cut down your circle after you punch a hole in the middle if your punch does not reach the middle, which is what I did, here. (Or, if you own the old Creative Memories circle cutter system, you can utilize that to cut the center out perfectly! Just make sure the hole is exactly 1″).

STEP 4: Attach your new shim! To do so, stabilize your ATG gun with the tape runner refill in place and already threaded. Push the shim over the top of the 1″ circle core ring until it fits underneath of the black lip (shown in the photo to the right). This will hold the shim in place and keep the tape runner refill from moving up and over the core! I have been using my shim for over 4 months now and I have not had it slip up once on me… it works great!  The beauty of it is – they are easy and inexpensive to make and you can replace it any time you need to  – – in just a matter of minutes!


TAADAAA!! That’s it!  Wasn’t that simple?

Keep an eye out in the coming days for MORE awesome samples of projects created with Honey Bee Scraps very own line of stamp sets! In the meantime, you can check them out in my Etsy shop, here!

Until next time…

<3 Melissa

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One response to “Create an ATG Tape Gun Shim”

  1. Patti J. says:

    What a great idea! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’ve been thinking about getting one of those guns!