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Happy World Kindness Day!

Our world needs more kindness – now, more than ever. Here at Honey Bee Stamps, we love spreading kindness. So today seems like the perfect day to share a little extra!

Today – Monday November 13th – we are offering our Kindness Stamps and Dies at 25% off. PLUS – you can enter for your chance to win one of FOUR $25 Gift Certificates to our shop!

Here’s how:

Comment on this blog post. Two winners will be chosen at random on Friday November 17th (you have until Friday Nov 17th at 2pm PST to comment and enter to win!)

Two more lucky winners will be chosen from our Instagram page post – look for the “World Kindness Day” post on our Instagram page. Simply comment to enter to win!

Instagram: instagram.com/HoneyBeeStamps

We encourage each of you to spread a little kindness today… and every day! Even if it’s something seemingly small. (It could be a “big thing” to the recipient!)

Thank you all for your kindness. We appreciate each of you!

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”


Here are some beautiful projects by our Design Team to inspire you:


DT Member Emily created this card. Visit her blog for more details.

DT Member Melissa B. created this card. Visit her blog for more details.

DT Member Bibi created this card.

DT Member Amy created these cards. Visit her blog for more details.

DT Member Melissa C. created this card.

DT Member Nichol created this card. Visit her blog for more details.

DT Member Kelley created this card.

DT Member Vera created this card. Visit her blog for more details.

DT Member Felicia created this card.

DT Member Yulianna created this card.

DT Member Kaja created this card. Visit her blog for more details.

DT Member Jo created these cards.  Visit her blog for more details.

DT Member Jo Ann created these cards.

DT Member Brenda created this card. Visit her blog for more details.

DT Member Carrie created this card.

DT Member Carrie also created this card.

DT Member Rosali created this card.

DT Member Carrie also created this card.

Thank you for stopping by today and celebrating KINDNESS with us. We hope

that you leave a comment to be entered to win!

-The Honey Bee Stamps Team





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357 responses to “Celebrating World Kindness Day!”

  1. Patti G says:

    A little kindness does go a long way!!!! These cards are very inspiring.

  2. Anne Sasko says:

    Lovely sentiments on lovely cards! Thank you all for sharing!

  3. Flechia Phillips says:

    What a wonderful day! There isn’t enough Kindness in the world.

  4. Zehra says:

    Wow, lovely cards. so kind

  5. Lori Danieski-Bellotti says:

    Love All the beautiful cards. Everyone does such beautiful work. This is one of my favorite stamp and die set of all time. The world is always in need of a little more kindness and thank you for the chance to win! ❤️🙏 🌎

  6. Cindy Thick says:

    Love all the cards. So inspirational. We need more kindness in this world. Thanks for sharing these.

  7. Connie Martin says:

    Love all these kindness cards! Happy world kindness day!!!

  8. Kathryn Eddy says:

    Love that you are promoting kindness. Great cards!!

  9. JanR says:

    Such gorgeous cards! So creative and wonderful! Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. Sabinevdk says:

    I love this! There needs to be more kindness in the world! Great cards and I love all the color.

  11. Marcia says:

    Great inspiration from the entire DT! Yes, every act of kindness is important! Happy Kindness Day!

  12. Melissa B. says:

    Holy-smokearoos, there’s some gorgeous cards here! Does taking my son to school early to work on his algebra count? LOL! Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Linda FIsher says:

    What beautiful and inspiring cards! Great way to spread a little kindness!

  14. corinne h says:

    i agree the world does need some more kindness. i have experienced the joy someone gets from receiving a card for no reason, texting and twitter is just not the same. i love the aesop saying. and the cards that go with it.

    beautiful job on all the cards. i like how some of the older stamps , which i have have been brought into the new cards, can’t wait to get to my craft room

    thanks for the inspiration.

    corinne h.

  15. Jennifer says:

    Lovely cards, such talent!

  16. LisaMarie Johnson says:

    Love the cards! I think I need the kindness set. Thank you for a chance to win.

  17. Sherry Parsons says:

    Show the light within you to someone today. It only takes a second, sometimes a mere smile to someone can change their whole day.

  18. Caly Person says:

    Such beautiful cards made to spread kindness!

  19. Sandra says:

    Love all the cards.

  20. Sharri Niehus Reeves says:

    Beautiful cards. The little birds made me smile on this gloomy overcast morning. Thanks for the cheer.

  21. Jane M says:

    Beautiful cards! Full of inspiration. Thank you for your kindness!

  22. Karen Mills says:

    Kindness and Love, we have received and we are to freely give. Thank you for your products Blessings, Kindness and Prayers are one of my go to dies and stamps that I use on my cards.

  23. So many beautiful cards with the word kind! Great job ladies!

  24. susan hatfield says:

    It is so easy to be kind, to take time to make someone else’s day nice. If all of us take some time each day to speak in kindness to another, act out of love and not anger, and show our appreciation to others for their kindness, we will njoy the many blessings we are given.
    Thank you for being another voice to promote kindness, and for sharing the creations of all these artists!

  25. Nancy Burett says:

    If only everyone would show a little kindness! Beautiful cards!

  26. JENNIFER L BYRON says:

    I write ‘kindness’ in my planner every month for the first note of the month. Kindness is not always easy, but it is always an option. Thank you for the beautiful products you make!

  27. Jeanne Beam says:

    Beautiful cards. What a wonderful word “kindness” , thanks for sharing….

  28. Diane Stricker says:

    Such beautiful cards.

  29. Neudorf Terry says:

    Love your inspiration of kindness. What a wonderful way to show skittle more kindness to the world .

  30. Pam N says:

    Great creativity and live the us of all the different Honey Bee Stamps!!

  31. Christy says:

    Beautiful cards!!! And a great reminder to start off my week.

  32. Becca Yahrling says:

    I also believe a little kindness goes a long way! I work with the public every day and just a smile can make a difference to someone having a bad day. Love all the beautiful cards by everyone.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  33. Lovely cards!!! Awesome job ladies! ♥♥♥

  34. Pam N says:

    Great creativity and love, love, love the use of all the great Honey Bee stamp sets. Way to go everyone!!! Thanks for the great card ideas!!!

  35. Heidi H says:

    What a stunning array of cards! Happy World Kindness Day!

  36. Janet says:

    Wow, such gorgeous cards!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  37. Nancy says:

    Beautiful cards! Thank you for sharing your kindness!

  38. Kathy Chastain says:

    All of the cards are so lovely! Happy Kindness Day everyone!

  39. Virginia Chapman says:

    There is always opportunity to spread kindness in this world and it’s needed now more than ever.

  40. Helen says:

    What an incredible collection of cards. These are amazing. You are so kind to share them today!

  41. Oh wow! These are all so gorgeous!!! LOVE everything about them… I promise to do my part to spread the love… thanks for all of the inspiration and a chance to win some of your gorgeous products… my list is long…lol!

  42. Teresa Carey says:

    Beautiful cards. You can never go wrong by sharing kindness. Thank you.

  43. Lyrona says:

    Love all the cards but the little bluebird is my favorite. Thank you for promoting kindness. The world Ned so much more kindness.

  44. Andrea Shell says:

    Yes, this world most definitely needs more kindness! Thank you for the beautiful inspiration from the designers!

  45. Shannon Morrison says:

    All of those cards are so sweet and you’re right about spreading kindness. Sometimes just a smile to a stranger can brighten up their day but sending cards to people is the most beautiful way to express some kindness. Thank you so much for offering and I hope you have a Happy Kindness Day! Take care!

  46. SO lovely of you to celebrate this wonderful day with us! Especially with all those gorgeous creations from the Design Team – wow what an amount of inspiration! Have a wonderful day!

  47. You are so right…the world would be a much nicer place if people just treated each other with a little bit of kindness. All the cards today are simply wonderful. You gesture of a prize is kindness itself… thank you. Cheers.

  48. ann says:

    Beautiful cards! Happy Kindness Day 🙂

  49. bev p says:

    So many beautiful examples. I am overwhelmed this morning, but blessed. I have to go to the post office later, and am thinking of how to spread a little kindness while I am there–I know most of us hate to go, but it seems that they rarely get any kind words. I might have to whip up a happy card before I go!

  50. Andrea D. says:

    What a great day and such great cards…thanks for highlighting such a great thing to celebrate!!!

  51. Peggy says:

    I’m so glad I found you. Love your cards and thank you for the chance to win.

  52. Mary C says:

    Love all the kindness cards and I think you all have some of the best kindness stamps. Keep those great stamps c9m8ng!

  53. Craftygal1 says:

    These cards make our world better. Love them all!

  54. Margaret says:

    What beautiful cards

  55. Jackie Price says:

    A little ķindness reaĺly does go a long way – and it doesn’t even have to require a lot of time or effort. The effects it has can be far reaching as well! Some gorgeous cards by the design team!! Thanks for doing your part in spreading ķindness today!

  56. Cindy Park says:

    All of these cards are so awesome!

  57. Danica Anderson says:

    Gorgeous Cards!! A little Kindness goes a long way and anyone would be thrilled to receive one of these cards.

  58. Elizabeth Grimball says:

    These cards are beautiful. The world definitely needs more kindness and the cards that we make with your stamps help.

  59. Liisa says:

    Such inspiration! I will strive to be extra kind today and everyday. I’m going to make a card a place it on the fridge to remind me.

  60. Kimberly M says:

    Kindness truly matters – such beautiful cards to help spread the message.

  61. tammy fletcher says:

    Love Honey Bee Stamps….this being World Kindness Day, it is fitting that you have shared all the kindness stamps. The cards featured are awesome!

  62. Lisa says:

    It is so very kind of you to give away gifts. Sometimes just the gift of a smile helps me get through the day.🙃

  63. Linnea Sundstrom says:

    yes! sometimes the only thing we can do, the biggest thing we can do is the small thing in our little corner of the world. hank you!

  64. Tonya says:

    Share your love of cardmaking with a child. Unbelievable what they create!

  65. Kathy Beemer says:

    Love all of the kindness cards! How kind of you to share them all!

  66. Sue Symens says:

    Amazing cards. I will do my best to share some kindness today! Thanks for the reminder.

  67. Daria Shattuck says:

    Spread a little kindness everyday! A wonderful stamp set to have who wouldn’t want to receive a card with kindness included. The design team cards are just beautiful and all do different. Thank you all! I also didn’t realize your address is Lebanon, Oregon. I moved away from Oregon last year.

  68. Syl says:

    I love ALL the cards however the fall one with the rich orange brown and critters stole my heart. I could just about hugs those sweet critters. Probably my favorite stamp set.
    Be Ye Kind To One Another **********
    Thank you

  69. Kimberly Perkins says:

    Love all the cards and love Honey Bee Stamps. Thanks for sharing.

  70. FABULOUS cards everyone!!! So much inspiration and more kindness is definitely needed right now! TFS

  71. Vanessa says:

    In these days of fear and uncertainty, love and kindness are critical in restoring hope to everyone. Every small instance of kindness is valuable and so rarely exhibited. To send cards recognizing kindness is such an encouragement to those who deserve to be celebrated for that wonderful gift, given at the moment of greatest need. These cards will do just that. They are perfect.

  72. Carol H. says:

    Wow, all the cards are beautiful! Thank YOU for your kindness in having this giveaway! 🙂

  73. Natalie Godfrey says:

    OMG! Beautiful cards! I love the sentiment – Kindness. We need a lot of this right now.

  74. Breann says:

    So much inspiration here! Love each and everyone.

  75. Theresa Petermann says:

    we all need more kindness. thanks as always for sharng.

  76. Kris says:

    So beautiful done. Kindness, pass it on.

  77. Darlene says:

    Cards are beautiful there should be kindness everyday!

  78. Diana S. says:

    Very Beautiful cards, and yes this world needs more Kindness!!!

  79. Sheila says:

    Beautiful cards! Thanks for the chance to win!

  80. Donna Ligon says:

    Kindness always wins! Be kind to a stranger today

  81. Kathy K says:

    Wow…such lovely inspiration! And thank you for the reminder that when it comes to sharing kindness, every little bit makes a big difference!

  82. Arianna Barbara says:

    Happy World Kindness Day everyone!!!
    It would be everyday!!!
    I’m totally in love for the stunning cards shared today! Love them all!!!

  83. Happy World Kindness Day 🙂 Thanks for sharing such gorgeous creations! A little kindness definitely makes a person’s day!!

  84. Karen Bull says:

    Just love the spirit of this day and these fantastic cards!

  85. Wow! What a beautiful collection of cards! Each one is a masterpiece and so inspiring too! Happy World Kindness Day!

  86. Robin Cunningham says:

    A little kindness goes a long way and EVERYONE needs some. Blessings to everyone!

  87. Raquel brown says:

    These are beautiful and a simple reminder that one little note of kindness can warm a heart

  88. nancy dempsey says:

    Beautiful cards and such an inspiring way to celebrate kindness.

  89. Karen T says:

    So many gorgeous cards! Beautiful inspiration! I love my Honeybee Stamps! I will be doing my best to spread kindness today – it’s something I love to do every day! Happy World Kindness Day!

  90. Judy says:

    Beautiful projects! The world does need more kindness; thanks for doing your part at Honey Bee to spread words of kindness!!

  91. Debbie Giralmo says:

    The one word I teach my pre-k students.

  92. Brittney L Young says:

    I love the card designs they are so beautiful!

  93. Gail O'Keefe says:

    What a fantastic theme for everyone! And simply adorable characters.

  94. Anita says:

    Kindness goes a long way. Enjoyed looking at all of the card designs. Such a lovely display!

  95. Fiona says:

    IF we all treated others as we wish to be treated the world would be a kinder place. Love the cards.

  96. Anna T. says:

    Sending a card to someone unexpecting is a great way to show kindness! For example, to people who live in a nursing home or veterans.

  97. Kim Huffman says:

    What a kind offer <3

  98. Denise Bryant says:

    Lovely idea to observe Kindness Day! I’ll do my part! Thanks for sharing the beautiful cards with us today!

  99. Karen Sutton says:

    Kindness is contagious. I smile and say Hi to everyone I pass when shopping and running errands. It amazes me how people who appear to be “somewhere else” when walking by them, once you smile at them and say Hi to them, they all the sudden smile and speak back, with a new look on their faces. I love life. Spread kindness everyday in anyway, even a smile and saying “Hi.”

  100. FD91354 says:

    Thanks for sharing this and supporting such a great world cause. I try to always remember you dont know what is going on in someone’s life and a simple act of kindness can change so much for them. Ex: returning someones shopping cart at the store – they are running late and stressing over it. Letting someone go in front of you in a line.. could just ease the stress they were feeling about the line and give them an uplifting moment. So worth doing simple acts of kindness.

  101. Tammy says:

    Kindness is an act you commit to make people feel good about themselves and the world they live in. An act performed not to change anything, but to inspire everything

  102. Betty says:

    love the color combos on these cards, esp. the watercolors.

  103. Helen Bisesi says:

    What beautiful cards! Thanks you for spreading kindness–I definitely try to be kind everyday but appreciate these reminders. We could all you a little extra kindness!!

  104. Amy Vitriani says:

    Fantastic way to celebrate this day! Thanks for the lovely blog hop ❤️

  105. Kelly Ann says:

    What a lovely thing to do – thank you!

  106. Michelle Darde says:

    There is nothing more important in the world than kindness!

  107. JmB says:

    Beautiful and inspiring cards. Teaching my little one that it’s quite easy to be kind and beats the alternative any day. I love that the crafting community brings kindness to the forefront every day. Thanks for letting us be part of it and allowing us to enjoy each other’s talents along the way.

  108. Kim says:

    I love these stamps and dies. I have just discovered them recently and am in love with the quality of the company. Thanks Honey Bee!

  109. Anita Wells says:

    Love love love this die… on my wish list !

  110. Lisa says:

    Spread kindness like confetti!! Who wouldn’t want to receive such an uplifting, beautifully made card such as these in their snail mail? Thank you for sharing such exquisite samples!

  111. Every morning should be spread with Kindness because you were able to breathe another beautiful day so, always bring on the kindness and make someone day, whether it with kind words our a beautiful card. Thanks for sharing all your kindness.

  112. pamela sertich says:

    I have that Stamp set and love it. Kindness is too important to ignore. All of those cards are so beautiful

  113. Dottie says:

    Love these cards and this company.

  114. All of these cards are so beautiful and have inspired me to spread kindness while at work today. Thank you Honeybee for reminding us that kindness goes a long way

  115. Julie Peddicord says:

    I am trying to instill this in my teenage daughter. No matter what happens, be kind.

    Great cards!

  116. Kindness should be celebrated every day. Would love to win $25 to spend on Kindness Stamps.

  117. Verna Angerhofer says:

    What wonderful card designs and a great way to spread kindness all over the place. I am always seeing kindness from card makers all over the world so that is a big part of why I so enjoy making cards and friends through the card making community.

  118. Melissa Hinkle says:

    Lovely cards today. The world does need more kindness.

  119. Roxana says:

    Wow! Beautiful cards….super awesome way to start a week!!!!! #kindnessrules. 🙂

  120. Jennifer S says:

    Absolutely amazing cards by your design team!!! Kindness and cardmaking go hand in hand! Thanks for the giveaway!

  121. BeverlyBL says:

    Thank you for celebrating kindness. Everyone’s card are just beautiful. Great color, great sentiments. Thanks so much.

  122. Cynthia Cole says:

    So many wonderful and beautiful kindness cards!

  123. All of these cards are adorable! I agree that this world could use more kindness. Even a small gesture like holding the door for someone helps!

  124. Barb MacAskill says:

    Such beautiful cards! I have made a few cards and some baked goods to deliver to friends and family who need some Happy in their Lives! Happy World Kindness Day! I try to make EVERY day a day to scatter Kindness in my little part of the world!
    Thanks for the chance to win a treat! 💖✨🤞✨💖✨💖✨🤞✨💖

  125. Patricia Dowd says:

    Beautiful cards for a great day! We need more kindness in the world today.

  126. Tammy B says:

    Thank you for spreading kindness

  127. Sabrinna says:

    love this day! love and kindness makes the world go round!!!

  128. Carol says:

    So true! We could all use more kindness in our lives. Happy World Kindness Day!

  129. Jean McNulty says:

    Loved these cards. Thanks for the little bit of kindness!

  130. Beth Ziemba says:

    Kindness doesn’t cost you anything.

  131. Nancy says:

    Such beautiful cards and sentiment. Kindness is really what the world is needing and I love that there are events like this to help spread the kindness.

  132. Teri PARKE says:

    Kindness does matter!!!! Xoxo

  133. Kindness is so important! Thanks for spreading it! Will do the same!

  134. Samantha J says:

    We need this day more than once a year. What a great reminder. Thanks HB!

  135. Joanne C. says:

    The kindness stanp is one of my all tume favourites!

  136. Joanne C. says:

    The kindness stanp is one of my all time favourites!

  137. Ang says:

    Such beautiful cards here on the blog. Beautiful sentiments as well. Every one can use more kindness in their lives!

  138. Andrea says:

    Such beautiful cards from all the team members!

  139. Trudie says:

    Such beautiful cards, each spreading kindness in their own way. The creativity meets the sentiments. Thanks to all who shared.

  140. Mary Holshouser says:

    Happy Kindness Day.
    Everyone needs to be kinder. Not sure it’s going
    to happen but we can always hope.
    The cards are beautiful. Such a large range
    of ideas.
    thanks far sharing.

  141. Valentina B says:

    I agree that world needs more kindness and this crafty world share a lot of it! Thank you for your kindness. Girls did some wonderful works. And your sentiments are perfect for celebrating world kindness day!

  142. Jude says:

    Love all of these examples! Makes me want to create right away!!!!

  143. renee milner says:

    These cards, stamps, and dies are gorgeous–thanks for sharing all of the wonderful creativity! The Aesop quote is one of my all-time favorites.

  144. Anne Hall says:

    Lovely collection of cards!

  145. Toni Gillette says:

    I love the Kindness Stamp and die and these cards really showcase their versatility. Thanks for sharing.

  146. Donna Oates says:

    A great way to celebrate World Kindness Day. I thank you for your kindness! Lovely cards by your DT!

  147. Robbin says:

    What a lovely message for our tired world! Thank you

  148. Marsha Loyer says:

    Love these cards. Hope doesn’t need more kindness shown in this ugly world. Thank you for your promotion.

  149. Maureen Reiss says:

    Super Sweet cards!!!! We all could use more kindness Everyday!!!

  150. Marcia says:

    What beautiful creations!! I love all the diversity and colors!

  151. Kari Villebrun says:

    Such beautiful sentiments. I wish more people in the world young and old would practice more kindness to one another. When we meet someone anywhere we should practice more kindness. You never know what kind of day or situation that person is in and being more kind could really change that persons day. You never know you may have just save a life. Thank you to Honey Bee for participating in such a beautiful and important campaign. Thank you to the designers for sharing such beautiful cards. Everyone please be kind to one another, and take care Kari Villebrun

  152. Maria Patrick says:

    Everyday should be kindness day!

  153. Pooja says:

    I never knew ! Thank you for telling me about World kindness day 🙂 Wonderful cards by the team .

  154. Corina Dickey says:

    Beautiful cards. Everyday needs to be kindness day. There is just too much turmoil in the world today. Thank you for sharing. ❤️

  155. Leanna says:

    Such great inspiration. Thanks for letting us know about kindness day. I will for sure be finding extra ways to show kindness.

  156. Teri S. says:

    Oh my goodness! I couldn’t pick a favourite card out of all of the ones shown as each one is unique & beautiful! Great stamps, sayings, colours, designs! I think everyday should be World Kindness day. It’s a great idea to put it out there, but at the same time, kind of sad that we have to be reminded. Thanks for a great show of creativity & inspiration to all!

  157. Karen B. says:

    Every day I strive to do something kind just like you guys are doing.

  158. Jane McGill says:

    All the card samples are so lovely. The world needs more kindness.

  159. Betty says:

    every one of these cards is an inspiration – both for the message and the creativity of design – i think this is the first stamp set i bought from you when it first came out and is a favorite of mine.

  160. Farhat Williams says:

    Love the cards. Wish they sold them I stores.

  161. Debbie Rumpza says:

    I love your products and the inspiration on your blog! My favorites are your little birdies~

  162. Stacy V says:

    Great cards! Maybe I’ll take some time to make cards for the Caring Hearts Card Drive today… 🙂

  163. Elaine Weberg says:

    Oh, do I love these stamps and dies. Yes, we all need to be kind.

  164. Laura says:

    Kindness rocks! And so does Honey Bee Stamps and your design team! Beautiful cards, thanks for the chance to win!

  165. MelissaF says:

    Gorgeous DT projects, love the Kind stamps and dies and such a wonderful way to celebrate World Kindness Day.

  166. Teresa Selby says:

    What a wonderful day it is! Woke up and it’s rainy! Love the rain. Your’s all cards are wonderful. Love them. I am going to make cookies for my family today! Makes the smell wonderful. This is my kindness for the day since I have not been well lately so this small thing will make my family happy.

  167. Dianne Guilinger says:

    your kindness is overwhelming! I loved all the samples– I really liked the sunflowers with the brick wall.

  168. Laura says:

    Let’s make KINDNESS contagious with these fabulous stamps and dies! ❤️ You are the best in inspiring people to be thoughtful and caring. Thank you for the discount too 😊

  169. shannon Fisher says:

    Beautiful cards, but even more beautiful idea…. kindness what a concept!!!

  170. llee says:

    Kindness always wins! Beautiful cards and stamps. Thanks for sharing!

  171. Ishani says:

    Such beautiful cards and the font of the sentiment kindness.. is the prettiest.. one look at the sentiment and you know it’s filled of warmth and love!

  172. Dianna raney says:

    Beautiful cards and and such an important message

  173. GabriellaB says:

    I like the little blue bird card, very sweet

  174. Heidi says:

    Wow, such Gorgeous cards, love Amy’s one best?

  175. Julie M says:

    Such inspirational cards. I strive to be kind every day of my life. I try to pass that kindness on in everything I do.

  176. Roberta S. says:

    Beautiful cards of kindness. Thank you Honeybee Stamps & your DT for all your inspiration.

  177. S. Newkirk says:

    a gentle reminder of how we should live

  178. Isabelle says:

    Thank you for this fabulous post ! I’ve never seen so much kindness before discovering the card-making world which is really full of incredible people !
    All the card presented are just stunning and made me feel much better. Thanks again !

  179. Debbie Barba says:

    Why havent I heard about this being world kindness day anywhere else? Such an important day! I will spread the word! Beautiful cards Design team members! I am in love with those chubby little birds!

  180. Colleen says:

    So many wonderful ideas! Yes, the world needs more kindness.

  181. Kelly Butler says:

    Im a beginner and I just created my craft room, my happy place. I fell in love with Honey bee stamps. The critters (i love animals) are adorable. Im a huge fan! But my hubby isnt happy with the CC bill, lol.
    Thank you Honey Bee for making awesome products! ❤

  182. Pam Marchand says:

    Lovely cards…Kindness is so easy and it fills your heart with warmth and happiness. I wish more of us could get in the practice of kindness because it is just as rewarding to the person giving the kindness as the one receiving. Be kind to one another and spread the Kindness..Thanks

  183. Mitzi says:

    What an amazing group of cards! And what the world definitely needs now is much more kindness.

  184. Cheryl Cramer says:

    Wow such beautiful cards and stamps. Isn’t it amazing that we have to have a “World Kindness Day” to remind people to be kind. This is something we should be doing everyday…not just today.
    Maybe this will remind people to start today and continue being kind forever.
    So much is happening in our world and if we could all find a way to bless one person (or more) each day think of how much better the world will be.
    Be Kind is so easy to tell our little ones as they are growing up. We also need to so them how to be kind. They watch all that we do. They look up to us and want to be like us.
    Being Kind is so important. To put a smile on someone’s face is easy….putting a smile in their heart is even better. God bless everyone.

  185. Peggy mccullar says:

    Wonderful and inspiring! This kindness stampset and die is fabulous! This is what is card makers are good at. Spreading kindness one card at a time!!

  186. Sheryl Sharp says:

    So many beautiful cards! Thank you for celebrating World Kindness Day in such a generous way.

  187. Tricia Sutton says:

    It is true. We need kindness more today than ever. I have a little boy that’s 9 and he comes home so often about how mean the kids are at school. I guess all we can do is make small changes every chance we get. HAPPY KINDNESS DAY!

  188. SANDYA Dasai says:

    These karts are just adorable…just subscribed to most of your social media platforms not too long ago. Can’t wait to see what fun creative thing you guys come up with next!

  189. Constance Hildebrand says:

    Wow, I want to make ALL these cards—so cute/pretty!! Now I’m off to shop your store. Thanks!

  190. Linda Carson says:

    Such beautiful and inspiring artwork by your design team! Thanks Honeybee for pointing out this special day!

  191. Julia D. says:

    Yes, we need to all be a little more kind these days – even to ourselves. The inspiration cards from the DT are gorgeous! Thank you for the sale and for the chance to win!!

  192. dancingcat says:

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  262. sandy says:

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  352. Barbara Kohn says:

    Spreading kindness through handmade cards from the heart is a gift to all, giver and receivers! Thanks honey bee for making stamps that inspire creative spirits in all of us crafters, helping us make the world a kinder place to “bee”!

  353. Stephanie Z says:

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  354. Karen says:

    I popped over from your Instagram Kindness posts. So many beautiful samples are shown there and here and they inspire me so much that I create more cards for charity – it’s my way of giving a little bit back to anyone who needs it. The bonus is that it makes me feel happy that my stamp obsession is doing something good lol! Thank you so much for the chance to win and my blessings to you and yours for the giveaway Karen x

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